Automatic Test Equipment

JGB designs Automatic Test Equipment and Test Software utilizing COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) parts.

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JGB provides Controls Systems for Production Automation as well as Automatic Testers for Electro Mechanical Devices (Mechatronics)

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Experts in Automatic Test and Controls

Since 1987

About JGB:
JGB is an Automatic Test Equipment Integrator headquartered in Wall NJ. JGB designs COTS (Commerical Off the Shelf) Automatic Test Systems and Test Software.

Industries supported by JGB include:

  • Aerospace
  • Biomedical
  • Transportation
  • Communications
  • Commercial Electronics Industries
JGB engineers are specialists in Automatic Test Equipment and Data Management Systems. Our team of engineers will provide a test solution to best serve our customers unique requirements. The strong cooperative relationship JGB builds with its customers enables JGB to provide fast and effective test solutions.

JGB has developed Functional PXI, VXI, IEEE Test Systems and Software for Transit, Cell Phone Communications, Blood Oxygen Monitors, Respirators, Imaging Electronics, Fiber Optic Networks, Gear Boxes, Linear and Rotary Actuators, Hoist's (DC, AC and Hydraulic) and Complex CPU Circuit Boards (using JTAG, ROM and CPU Emulation).

JGB Engineers are experienced in National Instrument's TestStand, CVI, LabView, GEOTest's ATEasy, C#, C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, PLC Programming, XML, HTML, SQL, ColdFusion and Crystal Reports.