Hoist Tester

The purpose of this system is to test and verify the functionality of various models built at a manufacturing/repair facility.

The system has the capability of operating hydraulic powered hoists, DC powered hoists and 400Hz AC powered hoists. When a unit is connected to the system it is automatically detected and the system will load the unit's control software, acceptance procedures and operation safety limits. By doinmg all of the the operator does not need to worry about anything other than installing the unit and clicking run to execture a full test procedure.

The Hoist Tester also has a manual operation mode which allows the operator to:

  1. Load/Unload the unit
  2. Calibrate the unit
  3. Run design verification test
  4. Assist in calibration of the test station

System parameters that can be set in manual mode*:

  • Tension
  • Hydraulic pressure/flow
  • Cable speed
  • Voltage and Current

*The operator can only set parameter values that are within the specified operational limits of the unit installed.