Universal A/V Tester

This tester was built for our client with the specific requirement that specific UUTs can be addd to the system by our client. We handled developing test software for the first 2 UUTs utilizing an open programming structure that allowed programming modules to be string together to create test programs for any additional UUT that our client wants to add in the future.

The main test software for this system was a custom Visual Studio C# application that drove a National Instruments TestStand sequence. the underlying modules executed by TestStand Were all written in LabVIEW. Modules were created in LabVIEW to perform test like Audio/Video Levels, Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise (THD+N) and numerous other measurements as well as modules just designed to control the test system or the UUT.

These measurement and control modules could be strung together in TestStand to form a sequence. This setup provided our client the ability to write their own test sequences for any UUT they wanted to add to the test system.